Een greep uit het repertoire van MarkOnStage.

                               Easy listening set  

Don’t know why                               Norah Jones 

Sweet goodbye’s                              Krezip              

Valery                                                 Amy Winehouse 

Stay                                                     Ryhanna 

Love yourself                                     J Bieber 

Im yours                                             Jason Mraz 

Its my life                                           Talk Talk 

Laugh about it                                   Racoon 

Pricetag                                              Jessie J 

Parijs                                                   Kenny B                                

Youre my everything                        Micheal Buble 

Grenade                                             Bruno Mars 

Rollin in the deep                             Adelle 

Mama Mia                                         ABBA akoestisch 

Money money money 


Dancing queen 

                                 Lounge jazz set 


Uptight                                                           Stevie wonder 

it aint over till its over                                  Lenny Kravits 

inst solo livin for the city                             Stevie wonder 

Tears of a clown                                            Smokey robinson 

Ill be there                                                     4tops 

Mountan high river deep                            Ike &Tina Turner 

Dancing in the street                                   Martha and the Vandella’s   

You keep me hanging on                            three degrees 

                                                  Acid Jazz  

Going back to my roots                              Odessey 

Too young to die                                         Jamiroquai 

Always there                                                Incognito 

Deam on dreamer                                       Brand new heavies 


Im coming out                                                   Diana Ross 

She,s fresh                                                            

Ladies night 

Relight my fire                                                     Dan Hartman 

Clapping song                                                      Shirly Elis 

Funky town                                                           Lipss Inc 

Last night a DJ saved my life                               

Remember me                                                    Blue Boy 

Groove is in the heart                                          

Signorita                                                                (Justin Timberlake) 

Oop upside your head  

Disco inferno(Tramps) 

Love dont live here anymore 

                                                      Pop mashup  

Don’t know why(Norah Jones) 

Sweet goodbyes(Krezip) 

What becomes of the brokenhearted(jimmy Ruffin) 


On broadway(George Benson) 

Homeless(Crystal Waters) 

Ive got a feeling (Black eyed peas) 

Bagdad cafe (Nathalie King Cole) 

Get bob the job James Brown(MarkOnStage) 

Top 100  

Cant get you outa my head 


Get lucky 

Idgaf (Dualippa) 

Shape of you(Ed Sheeran) 


Rollin in the deep(Adelle) 

All  About that base 

In the stone(EWF) 

This girl 

Sing it back(Molokko) 

MichealJackson medley 

-Black or white 

-Can you feel it 

-Billy Jean 

-Paradise by the